modeci_mdf.interfaces.onnx.importer.onnx_node_to_mdf(node: Union[NodeProto, ValueInfoProto], onnx_initializer: Dict[str, Dict[str, Any]]) Node[source]

Construct an MDF node (and function) from an ONNX NodeProto or ValueInfoProto

  • node – The ONNX node to use to form the MDF node. Can be a node from the model or a ValueInfoProto specifying an input or output.

  • onnx_initializer – A specification of values in the graph that ONNX has marked as initializer’s. This dict is keyed on the name of the parameter, the value is another dict with three entries; shape, type, and value.


The equivalent MDF node for the ONNX node passed in as argument.