modeci_mdf.functions.onnx.mod(*args, **kwargs)
Performs element-wise binary modulus (with Numpy-style broadcasting support).

The sign of the remainder is the same as that of the Divisor.

Mod operator can also behave like C fmod() or numpy.fmod. In this case, the sign of the remainder however, will be the same as the Dividend (in contrast to integer mod). To force a behavior like numpy.fmod() an ‘fmod’ Attribute is provided. This attribute is set to 0 by default causing the behavior to be like integer mod. Setting this attribute to 1 causes the remainder to be calculated similar to that of numpy.fmod().

If the input type is floating point, then fmod attribute must be set to 1.

In case of dividend being zero, the results will be platform dependent.

This operator supports multidirectional (i.e., Numpy-style) broadcasting; for more details please check [the doc](