modeci_mdf.functions.ddm.drift_diffusion_integrator(starting_point: float, non_decision_time: float, drift_rate, threshold: float, noise: float = 1.0, dt: float = 0.01) float[source]

Integrates the drift diffusion model for a single trial using and implementation of the using the Euler-Maruyama method. This is a proof of concept implementation and is not optimized for speed.

  • starting_point – The starting point of the particle

  • non_decision_time – The non-decision time

  • drift_rate – The deterministic drift rate of the particle

  • threshold – The threshold to cross, the boundary is assumed to be symmetric.

  • noise – The standard deviation of the noise

  • dt – The time step to use for the integration


The time it took to cross the threshold, with the sign indicating the direction