MDF is intended to be an open source, community-supported standard and associated library of tools for expressing computational models in a form that allows them to be exchanged between diverse programming languages and execution environments. The MDF Python API can be used to create or load an MDF model for inspection and validation. It also includes a basic execution engine for simulating models in the format. However, this is not intended as a general purpose simulation environment, nor is MDF intended as a programming language. Rather, the primary purpose of the Python API is to facilitate and validate the exchange of models between existing environments that serve different communities. Accordingly, these Python tools include bi-directional support for importing to and exporting from widely-used programming environments in a range of disciplines, and for easily extending these to other environments.


The reference implementation of the MDF execution engine; allows for executing Graph objects in Python.



Specifies and implements the MDF the function ontology; a collection of builtin functions that can be used in MDF Function and Parameter objects.


Implementations of importers and exporters for supported environments; fulfilling the hub and spoke model of MDF by allowing exchange between different modeling environments via MDF.


The main object-oriented implementation of the MDF schema, with each core component of the MDF specification implemented as a class.


Useful utility functions for dealing with MDF objects.