modeci_mdf.functions.onnx.splittosequence(*args, **kwargs)

Split a tensor into a sequence of tensors, along the specified ‘axis’. Lengths of the parts can be specified using argument ‘split’. ‘split’ must contain only positive numbers. ‘split’ is either a scalar (tensor of empty shape), or a 1-D tensor. If ‘split’ is a scalar, then ‘input’ will be split into equally sized chunks(if possible). Last chunk will be smaller if the ‘input’ size along the given axis ‘axis’ is not divisible by ‘split’. Otherwise, the tensor is split into ‘size(split)’ chunks, with lengths of the parts on ‘axis’ specified in ‘split’. In this scenario, the sum of entries in ‘split’ must be equal to the dimension size of input tensor on ‘axis’.