Paper introducing MDF

The background to the ModECI project, the motivation for developing the Model Description Format, and the initial Python implementation of the language have been described in a NeuroView article in the Neuron journal:

Integrating model development across computational neuroscience, cognitive science, and machine learning Padraig Gleeson, Sharon Crook, David Turner, Katherine Mantel, Mayank Raunak, Ted Willke and Jonathan D. Cohen, April 25, 2023 DOI:

Neuroscience, cognitive science, and computer science are increasingly benefiting through their interactions. This could be accelerated by direct sharing of computational models across disparate modeling software used in each. We describe a Model Description Format designed to meet this challenge.

The paper will be freely downloadable from here in April 2024. If you do not have access to this via your institution, please download the preprint of the paper here.