modeci_mdf.functions.onnx.gemm(*args, **kwargs)

General Matrix multiplication:

A’ = transpose(A) if transA else A

B’ = transpose(B) if transB else B

Compute Y = alpha * A’ * B’ + beta * C, where input tensor A has shape (M, K) or (K, M), input tensor B has shape (K, N) or (N, K), input tensor C is broadcastable to shape (M, N), and output tensor Y has shape (M, N). A will be transposed before doing the computation if attribute transA is non-zero, same for B and transB. This operator supports unidirectional broadcasting (tensor C should be unidirectional broadcastable to tensor A * B); for more details please check [the doc]( This operator has optional inputs/outputs. See [the doc]( for more details about the representation of optional arguments. An empty string may be used in the place of an actual argument’s name to indicate a missing argument. Trailing optional arguments (those not followed by an argument that is present) may also be simply omitted.