modeci_mdf.functions.onnx.dropout(*args, **kwargs)

Dropout takes an input floating-point tensor, an optional input ratio (floating-point scalar) and an optional input training_mode (boolean scalar). It produces two tensor outputs, output (floating-point tensor) and mask (optional Tensor<bool>). If training_mode is true then the output Y will be a random dropout; Note that this Dropout scales the masked input data by the following equation, so to convert the trained model into inference mode, the user can simply not pass training_mode input or set it to false. ` output = scale * data * mask, ` where ` scale = 1. / (1. - ratio). ` This operator has optional inputs/outputs. See [the doc]( for more details about the representation of optional arguments. An empty string may be used in the place of an actual argument’s name to indicate a missing argument. Trailing optional arguments (those not followed by an argument that is present) may also be simply omitted.