modeci_mdf.execution_engine.evaluate_expr(expr: Union[str, List[str], ndarray, tf.tensor] = None, func_params: Dict[str, Any] = None, array_format: str = 'numpy', allow_strings_returned: Optional[bool] = False, verbose: Optional[bool] = False) ndarray[source]

Evaluates an expression given in string format and a dict of parameters.

  • expr – Expression or list of expressions to be evaluated

  • func_params – A dict of parameters (e.g. {'weight': 2})

  • array_format – It can be a n-dimensional array or a tensor

  • allow_strings_returned – Don’t throw an error if the expression evaluates to a string

  • verbose – If set to True provides in-depth information else verbose message is not displayed


n-dimensional array