This contains a tool for converting the MDF specification into JSON compatible with JSON importer. This allows us to programmatically create a metamodel and, as a result, use WebGME as a design environment for MDF.

Quick Start

Starting WebGME app

First, install the mdf_gme following:

Second, start mongodb locally by running the mongod executable in your mongodb installation (you may need to create a data directory or set --dbpath).

Then, run webgme start from the project root to start . Finally, navigate to http://localhost:8888 to start using mdf_gme!

Loading the spec into WebGME

First, install dependencies with npm install. Then convert the MDF specification using

node spec_to_gme.js path/to/MDF/spec.json

Finally, import the JSON into WebGME just like the examples (suffixed with “_meta”)!

Loading instances to and from WebGME importable JSON and MDF

node bin/instance_converter path/to/MDForGME/instance.json