Interactions between MDF and Quantum computing technologies

Starting summer 2021, we will develop tools for interfacing between MDF and quantum computers. This interface is motivated by expectations that quantum hardware will provide speedups for solving Ising-type MDF problems. We will address both gate- and annealing- based quantum computers:

  • for gate-based quantum computers, we will bridge from MDF to OpenQASM, the leading quantum Intermediate Representation.

  • for annealing-based quantum computers, we will target platforms such as D-Wave Ocean.

Our work will be agnostic to the exact quantum algorithm/solver used, though we will provide sample implementations using Variational Quantum Eigensolver (VQE) and Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm.

As a first step, we have begun developing implementations targeting quantum hardware for the key computations in several cognitive models as listed below. Next, we will extend MDF so that quantum implementations such as the ones we develop, can be expressed in it.

Tasks Models Key computations Quantum algorithms
Two alternative forced choice Quantum walk Evolution, Projection Unitary evolution, Hamiltonian simulation
Multiple alternative models Potential wells Eigenstates and values Variational methods (e.g., subspace and deflation)
Bistable perception Quantum walk Evolution, projection Unitary evolution, Hamiltonian simulation
Control Leaky Competing Integrator Optimization Quantum annealing
Parameter estimation Data fitting Optimization Quantum annealing